Our business travel Solutions

The BNP Paribas business travel solutions enable you to pay all the travel expenses of your employees.

From the reservation of a trip up to the travel and accommodation fees, our commercial cards will facilitate the management and the payment of the travel expenses of your company.

To meet all your needs, we offer you 3 complementary solutions:


The Central Travel Account

Centralise all your travel expenses with a single card.

Directly integrated in the information system of your travel agency, the Central Travel Account enables you to simplify the reservation and the payment of your train and plane tickets.

Thanks to the reconciliation of your travel data and your company data, you have a better view on your travel expenses. You also benefit from a better control over your travel policy.

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The corporate card

Have the right card in any situation.

While travelling, the Corporate Card accompanies your employees to pay all the travel expenses. No need for cash advance neither manage the expense reports anymore; your employees can focus on more important tasks.

The exepenses management is optimised, the payment and the data are secured and your team is empowered.

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The virtual card

Make your online reservations safely.

Designed for the companies making many online payment; the BNP Paribas Virtual Card allows you to pay all your purchases to every supplier safely.

In addition of facilitating the business travel purchases, the virtual card is intended for companies wishing to obtain enhanced data for every payment by card payment. This solution links additional information to every expense, like the registration number of the traveler, and his cost center for example, which will be restituted with the payment data. As a result, this feature facilitates the accountancy enrichment and the expenditure tracking.

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