Our travel Agency solutions

Dedicated payment solutions to the travel agencies and their customers.

To enable automation and simplification of payments for travel agencies, specific solutions exist.

The Virtual Card can be easily integrated into the agency booking system or back- office, simplifying the booking process and providing additional data for the travel agency

The Travel Card (lodge card) can be proposed to companies to enable them to centralize their travel expenses within the travel agency and get a better control of their travel policy.


The Central Travel Account

Centralise the payment of your customers expenses.

Issued on behalf of the client company,  the Central Travel Account is implemened in your reservation tolls in order to facilitate the payment process. The travel card debits directly the account of the client company avoiding cash advance.

Your customer has detailed reporting that reconciles travel data with payment. He may also benefit from a deferred payment adapted to his needs. This solution is available in several currencies allowing your client to reduce exchange costs.

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The virtual card

Make your online reservations safely.

Designed for the B2B travel agencies as well as leisure travel agencies, the virtual card allows you to pay all your purchases of your suppliers safely.

Directly integrated in your tools, you can generate information about every purchase with additional references (up to 10) in order to facilitate the accounting reconciliation.

This enriched data will be at your disposal with a qualitative reporting providing you a clear and precise view on the expenditures.

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