The Corporate card

The card designed for the business expenses of your team.

Our Corporate Card is the essential to pay the business expenses for your team. Providing you with various benefits and functionalities, this card enables you to keep the full control of your travel budget and fees, while facilitating the journeys of your team.

« At 1:00 pm, Sylvie, financial officer, has just been informed that Karim’s train to Milan has been cancelled. Fortunately, with his Gold Corporate Card, Karim is able to rent a car to go to Milan in emergency. The signature of this contract in Milan was capital for the company. Convinced by this best practice, Sylvie decides to attribute a corporate card to all her collaborators. »


  • A customisable offer, which fits your needs and your business, in France and internationally
  • Issuance available in 19 countries of the Euro zone
  • Optimisation of your travel budget and your professional fees
  • Easy, simplified and autonomous travels for your team


  • Payment & withdrawal
  •  VISA or MASTERCARD Acceptation network
  • A range of 3 cards: Corporate, Corporate Gold, Corporate Platinum
  • Travel Insurance & Assistance coverage associated with each type of card
  • Payment/withdrawal deferral (up to the end of month + 60 days)
  • 3D secure

Associated services

  • PIN code choice, email and SMS notifications, contactless payment
  • Multilingual Corporate Card Service for cardholders available 24/7
  • Bilingual Corporate Card Service for programme managers available during business hours
  • Concierge Service available with the Platinum card


  • Dedicated website for cardholders and programme managers
  • Online operations statements for the cardholder and the company
  • Electronic statements for integration of the expenses into your expense management tool
  • Data consolidation
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