Why choosing BNP Paribas ?

A trustworthy partner with international experience.

To simplify the life of your company and your collaborators, BNP Paribas has developed tailored payment solutions that fit your needs.

BNP Paribas’ expertise

  • 1st issuer of VISA Corporate et VISA Procurement cards in France
  • In the top 3 issuers of VISA commercial cards in Europe
  • An international coverage :  presence in 49 countries

A personalised support

  • A team of experts at your disposal to offer you a solution tailored to your organisation
  • A project team to assist you during the implementation of the solution within your company
  • Dedicated support services for you and your teams
  • A multilingual website dedicated to the control of the program

“Turn-key” solutions

  • Adapted to your activity
  • Easily integration in your organisation
  • Efficient and pioneering
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