The Virtual card

A card number dedicated to every online travel expense.

Our Virtual card is entirely paperless. A single use number is generated for every expense in order to enhance payment security.

Thanks to our Virtual card, every business travel purchases of your collaborators (ticketing, accommodation, car rental, etc…) are centralized and enriched of detailed data. Depending on your needs, our virtual card can be used via an internet tool in order to generate cards occasionally or via an integrated solution in the e-procurement tool of your company.

« At 10:30 am, Christopher is going to a trade fair in Italy. He has to book a hotel but he doens’t want to give his personal card number by phone. Fortunately, he benefits from BNP Paribas Virtual Card service. He generates a single use card number to make his hotel reservation with a preset limit.»


  • Enhanced security
  • Personalised settings of the payment limits and restrictions
  • Automation of the payments
  • Integration in e-procurement tools
  • Facilitated accountancy reconciliation
  • Payment deferral


  • All the features of the procurement card
  • Maximum expenditure limit per card
  • Customisable start and end dates
  • Manual and automatic generation modes

Additionnal references

  • Possibility to add up to 10 additional references per transaction
  • Facilitated accounting reconciliation

Internal control

  • Protection renforcée contre la fraude
  • 3SKey certificate required to generate virtual cards
  • Automatic 3D Secure enrolment (no mail nor SMS)
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