The Central Travel Account

A lodge card integrated in your travel agency for all your trips.

Pay all your air and rail tickets with our Central Travel Account. The Central Travel Account enables you to entrust the business travel expenses of your team to your travel agency. Moreover you can manage more effectively your budget.

« At 1:30 PM, Cédric, CEO of a multinational company, is going to participate to a workshop in the Netherlands. He asks his travel agency to take care of his journey. The travel agency books and pays for Cédric’s plane ticket thanks to the Central Travel Account of his company. »


  • Simplicity of implementation
  • Travel insurances
  • Global vision of the expenditures
  • Detailed reporting
  • Payment deferral

Expenditures of the travel agency

  • Centralisation of the travel expenditures
  • Air, rail, accommodation and car rental expenses
  • Services and fees of the travel agency
  • Payment deferral


  • VISA network: the largest acceptation network
  • Management of the travel policy
  • Direct online management of the payment limits, and the MCC/merchants restrictions
  • Travel insurance & support


  • Financial and travel data reconciliation
  • Reporting
  • Integration into the ERP
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