The Virtual Card

A card to secure your online purchases.

Our Virtual Card has been developed to secure your professional purchases for remote purchases.

Entirely dematerialised and for single-use, it allows to centralize purchases related to business travel (hostels, car rental) as well as the others expenditures of your staff

Depending on your needs, our Virtual Card can be used via an internet solution in order to administer the cards manually or via an integrated solution in the e-procurement tool of your company.

« At 3:15 pm, Erwan, communication manager, has to finalise his presentation. He buys photographs on the internet with his virtual card. All his art expenses are centralised, which enables the communication management team to have a global overview on the expenditures. »


  • Reinforced protection against fraud with a single-use card number
  • Additional references collateralised to every card
  • Enriched and simplified accounting reconciliation
  • Payments automation
  • Integration in e-procurement tools


  • All the features of the procurement card
  • Access to an online tool for the card generation upon request
  • Integrated tool to automise the payments
  • Personalised settings: start and end dates, maximum expenditure limit


  • Detailed monthly operations statements
  • Detailed reporting indicating 10 complementary references per transaction
  • Online management and monitoring tool for the company and the cardholder
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